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Typical Hunting Day

*First of all, when you come and hunt at ClearCreek Outfitters of Ohio as a client at our lodge, You need to know what that includes.  Breakfast is not a served meal.  We supply all of your food for the entire hunt, therefore Breakfast is provided. When you get up to go hunt there will be breakfast foods in the kitchen. Waffles, Oatmeal, cereals, sausage biscuits, juices coffee, milk, etc...  you choose what to eat and the guide will meet you at the lodge. Next, the guide will take you to your hunting location.  (he will take you unless other arrangements by your choice have been made for you to drive) We have marked all of the trails into your stand with "bright eyes" and ribbon where needed.  You will stay there until the guide picks you up for lunch unless you have predetermined to stay in the woods all day. *Lunch in your decision you can either pack it for an all day sit or your guide will pick you up and take you back to the lodge and we do cold cuts and left overs! *usually you will go back into the woods mid afternoon, and then be picked up again right at dark. *We all gather at night at the lodge dining area for a Home cooked meal.  This is the time that is so important to get together, download after the day, talk to the guides and get a game plan for the next days hunting. The honesty you have with your guide is IMPERATIVE!  Only then can he make adjustments to your hunt, if needed, and if you are completely honest with him. Most of all, this is where we form the relationships that are crucial to your hunting experience.  We get to know one another, and that serves to your advantage.  The better we know your likes and dislikes, your hunt can be more geared to your particular needs.  Only by building this relationship can this happen.  
One of the most surprising thing that people find when they arrive at ClearCreek Outfitters of Ohio, is, how the terrain is so different from what they imagined. Many of our current customers have said that they have seen or killed the biggest buck right here on our properties. Ohio is the last best kept secret. We have a number of big bucks here and love to show them off!  We are located In southeast Ohio, tucked away between the hocking hills, (definitely practice from an elevated tree stand!!!) and the scenery is beautiful. Most of our hunting is in Big Timber, with food plots planted from 1/4 acre fields to 8 acre fields. My Son Cody and myself are well educated on this type of hunting, for we both grew up hunting this type of terrain! We have properties in Seven different southern Ohio counties, so there is something for everyone. We don't build around the cliffs, our roads go right through them! If you hunt mainly with climbers, we can accommodate you, however most of our stands are hang-on stands as well as many ladder stands and of course we have shooting houses and ground blinds as well, and are always looking to capitalize on new things to better your hunt! Many of our hunters end up being like a big family to us! Its always fun to see you again once we have already formed a relationship with! you'll find that we are a bunch of easy going people who love God and do our best to incorporate that into our business!

Feel Free to contact us through the contact page if you have any further questions!